• Potenciador de la inmunidad
  • Refuerzo de humor
  • Antibacteriano
  • Salud de la piel
  • Mejora el flujo sanguíneo.
  • Estimula el sistema linfático
  • Trata el insomnio
  • Alivia los problemas digestivos

Aceite esencial de mandarina (Citrus reticulata blanco iva tangerina)

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  • The health benefits of Tangerine essential oil can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, antispasmodic, cytophylactic, depurative, sedative, stomachic, and a tonic substance.

    This is yet another essential oil from a citrus fruit. Tangerine EO is a gentle and subtle oil that supports us to embrace change with enthusiasm and grace. It releases old programming that prevents us from obtaining our goals and instills the confidence that we can obtain our dreams & goals. It also asks us to be fully present so we can be fully aware of our mental and emotional states. Emotionally, Tangerine has strong qualities of cheer & joyfulness. It can help you tap into the lightness of heart often found in children. If you are feeling the burden of life's responsibilities, you can benefit from its uplifting vibration. It impacts a person's playfulness and happiness, and spontaneity. It will help you tap into the pool of abundant creative energy that's held within you. 

    Spiritual: Tangerine affects our root, sacral, solar plexus & heart chakras. Add a few drops of Tangerine EO to your diffuser before your chakra meditation session for a fruitful heart chakra balancing experience.